Some “metadata” about the site.

Why This Site?

I just begin my career as a bioinformatician. I want to write notes during my learning and study, but I didn’t want to mix stuffs to my another blog, which focuses on general computer stuffs. Therefore, I built the site Happy Bioinformatics.

Why Bioinformatics?

I am interested in programming, but I don’t like those hardcore things like writing a complier or a virtual machine. Instead, I prefer applying my skills to more practical fields. Bioinformatics is a relative young interdisciplinary science, combining biology, computer science, statistics, mathematics, etc. Both biologists and engineers will find a place in bioinformatics.

About Me

I am Michael Chen, a PhD student in biomedical informatics. My current major fields are gene network analysis, microarray data analysis, next generation sequencing data analysis and text mining. I usually write scripting jobs in Python or Ruby and perform calculation in R, but sometimes I also try some other tools as needed. I was an experienced Linux and Mac OS X desktop user. Besides all my computing stuffs, I also like jogging and Chinese music.

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