[Review] Building Bioinformatics Solutions with Perl, R, and SQL


Bioinformatics have become an indispensable part of biomedical research. With diverse *omics research topics, the needs of distinct data formats and analysis software emerge. Even life science scientists need more computing and programming skills. This book, Build Bioinformatics Solutions with Perl, R and SQL, tries to fill the gap between bioinformatics theories and practical software development skills.




[Review] Data Science at the Command Line

data science  

Although Unix command-line utilities revise and update yearly, the overall interface and logic of Unix remain the same. On the contrary, data science is still young and in its infancy. What kinds of sparkles will occur when infancy data science meets 40-year-old Unix? Janssens showed the interaction between the two diverse computing skills in a cookbook style, demostrating many interesting user cases of data skills in the command line of Unix.

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